Motorized Jog Wheel DJ Controllers: What Are the Best?

DJ hand on platter

In today’s modern world of DJ gear, many setups feature “fixed” or “static” jog wheels/platters, which do not physically turn when you hit the play button, even in high-end club setups. However, some DJs have a penchant for the classic spinning decks reminiscent of old turntables. If you belong to a group that favors a […]

5 Best DJ Headphones in 2024: What Headset to Buy?

Pioneer Headphones On a DJ Controller

Headphones are more than just a way to enjoy music—-they’re an essential tool for many professionals, including DJs. To do the job right, it’s crucial to have the best DJ headphones on hand. While countless options are available, only a select few have stood the test of time, earning the trust of DJs worldwide. These […]

How to DJ for Beginners: Detailed Guide and Tips

how to DJ for beginners complete guide

DJing may initially seem intimidating, but with consistent, deliberate practice, anyone can learn how to DJ. All you need is passion for music, patience to learn new skills, and persistence to keep improving over time. As you gain confidence in your abilities, you’ll feel a deep sense of satisfaction seeing people enjoy the music you […]

Vinyl Care: How to Clean Vinyl Records

clean vinyl record

Vinyl records provide a warm, rich sound that digital formats can’t quite replicate. But over time, dust, dirt, and debris settling into the record grooves can cause pops, clicks, and crackling that disrupt the listening experience. That’s why learning how to properly clean vinyl records is so important for music lovers who collect and play […]

The Evolution of DJing: A Quick Dive into Its Storied History

DJing turntable

DJing has become a ubiquitous form of musical entertainment—-the soundtrack to parties, weddings, clubs, and events worldwide. But where did it all begin? Modern DJing has origins dating back nearly a century. From the first radio disc jockeys of the 1930s to the turntablists and digital controllers of today, the history of DJing is one […]