Best DJ Controllers Under $1000: Top 10 in 2023

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Whether you’re stepping into the DJ realm for the first time or are an established artist on the hunt for a value-packed upgrade, the under $1000 category has some hidden gems waiting to be uncovered. Dive into our review of the best DJ controllers under $1000 and discover a mix of quality, innovation, and affordability tailored for every skill level. Let the beat drop!

What Is the Best DJ Controller Under $1000?: Editor’s Choice

The quest for the ultimate DJ controller that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket is a common one among both budding and seasoned DJs. Here, we curated a list of the most suitable and reliable options, ensuring you have a comprehensive selection to make an informed decision. Our aim is to guide you towards the best choices based on quality, performance, and user feedback. 

Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 ($599)

Pioneer DDJ-FLX6

Positioning itself as the best mid-range DJ controller, the Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 is a masterclass in versatility, marrying top-tier usability with value. This DJ controller’s layout is intuitive while overflowing with features, boasting a 4-channel mixer, diverse FX choices, and individual sound color FX per channel. Its jog wheels promise precision and a tactile experience, while the eight vibrant, multi-colored pads not only enchant visually but also amplify creative DJ opportunities. In essence, the DDJ FLX6 is a robust platform that effortlessly elevates your DJing journey.


  • Versatile 4-channel mixer.
  • Intuitive layout with rich functionality.
  • Multiple FX options and sound color FX per channel.


  • A larger footprint might not be suitable for all setups.
  • Lack of dedicated outputs for some professional setups.

Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 ($237)

Pioneer DDJ-FLX4

The Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 DJ controller masterfully melds cutting-edge tech with uncomplicated design, propelling DJs into tomorrow’s vibrant soundscape. Featuring a sturdy 2-channel mixer, each channel boasts a 3-band EQ, granting DJs meticulous sound crafting. An individual filter knob on each channel amplifies versatility, facilitating dramatic frequency sweeps. With its user-friendly design and distinctly labeled controls, the DJ controller ensures accessibility. Its adaptability resonates with a myriad of DJing approaches, cementing it as a prime selection for novices taking their first steps and seasoned experts desiring advanced features.


  • Comfortable, precision-focused jog wheels for accurate beat-matching.
  • Sturdy 2-channel mixer with diverse effects, 3-band EQ, and filters.
  • Flawless integration with Serato DJ software.


  • Tailored primarily for Serato DJ, limiting broader software compatibility.
  • Larger than some rivals, which may be cumbersome for limited spaces.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 ($169)

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 controller captivates with its sleek design and potent features. Ideal for budding DJs, its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls come at a budget-friendly price of $240. But what truly elevates the DJ controller is its revolutionary smartphone integration, allowing novices to mix tracks straight from their phones using premier DJ software applications. The DDJ-200 boasts a concise 2-channel setup with touch-sensitive jog wheels, ensuring a genuine DJing touch. Plus, with compatibility across numerous streaming platforms, a vast music library awaits. Perfect for home sessions or intimate parties where the beat is yours to command.


  • Layout echoes the familiarity of club-standard CDJs and DJM mixers.
  • Exceptional jog wheels boast tactile feedback and swift responsiveness.
  • Innovative Pad Scratch functionality for engaging sound effects.


  • Restricts users to 2-channel mixing capabilities.
  • EQ knobs are placed in less-visible locations, making them challenging to locate.

Pioneer DDJ-400 ($860)

Pioneer DDJ-400

The Pioneer’s DJ DDJ-400 controller stands out as the best intermediate DJ controller in its class. Compact yet brimming with pro-grade features, its oversized jog wheels deliver tactile feedback reminiscent of Pioneer’s club-standard devices. Its intuitive design mirrors traditional DJ mixer layouts, ensuring a seamless leap to advanced configurations. Constructed of sturdy metal, the DJ controller promises durability, even with heavy usage. Though the included Pioneer’s compatible Rekordbox DJ software might necessitate a subscription upgrade, the DDJ-400’s comprehensive toolkit sharpens beatmatching and mixing proficiencies, positioning it as essential for those advancing in the DJ domain.


  • Built robustly with premium-grade materials.
  • Jog wheels of full-size offer an authentic club CDJ experience.
  • Beginner-friendly design with a straightforward interface.


  • Advanced functionalities in Rekordbox necessitate a premium subscription.

Roland DJ-202 ($299)

Roland DJ-202

Among the best DJ controllers under $1000, the Roland’s DJ 202 controller is a beacon of innovation. With its integrated drum sequencer, DJs can harness iconic Roland TR-series drum sounds, allowing instant custom beat creation. The tactile controls grant immense mastery over Serato’s effect suite, revolutionizing mixes dynamically. Its spacious, reactive platters excel in techniques like skipping and scratching. Despite its two-channel mixing constraint, its sequencing adeptness and flawless Serato connectivity thrust beginner DJs into unmatched creative heights. In essence, the DJ-202 is an unmatched springboard to boost artistic flair and amplify performances.


  • Enhanced sequencer broadens artistic horizons.
  • Distinctive, performance-centric attributes.
  • Seamless synchronization with Serato software.


  • Some might view the drum sequencers as novelty.
  • Confined to a 2-channel mixing setup.



The TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 MK3 DJ controller emerges as a splendid choice for both novice and mid-level DJs. Compact yet dependable, this unit flaunts eight colorful performance pads per deck, merging visual appeal with a hands-on interface tailored to real-time track creativity. Its substantial jog wheels not only amplify the professional ambiance but respond instantaneously to touch. Enhanced by a premium adjustable crossfader, the controller’s layout is logically designed, ensuring each control is conveniently accessible, meeting and exceeding mid-tier DJ controller standards.


  • Jog wheels offer swift and tactile feedback.
  • Seamless compatibility with sophisticated Traktor software.
  • Built to last with premium construction.


Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 ($1252)

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 DJ controller masterfully marries affordability with a rich feature set, exuding top-notch quality. A highlight of this model is the 16 expansive, multi-colored performance pads, offering meticulous control over mixes, adaptable to subtle taps or dynamic drumming. The DJ controller’s jog wheels, notable for their sturdy construction, guarantee longevity even with frequent, heavy use, enhanced further by the functional center illumination. With every control, from buttons to faders, intelligently positioned for optimal accessibility, the DDJ-SR2 ensures a smooth introduction, simplifying mastery and optimizing performance during high-octane DJ sessions.


  • 16 large, multi-colored performance pads ensure precise control.
  • Durable and robust jog wheels with center illumination.
  • Intuitive layout with strategically placed controls enable easy accessibility.


  • Lacks some advanced features found in higher-end models.
  • Potentially limited integration with non-Serato software.

Pioneer DDJ-800 ($999)

Pioneer DDJ-800

The Pioneer DDJ 800 DJ controller stands out as a versatile powerhouse, accommodating diverse DJing demands with ease. Central to its design is a specialized mixer section enriched with elite capabilities, enabling DJs to craft their sets with precision. Noteworthy elements include an array of Sound Color FX, Beat FX with adjustable parameters, and expansive connectivity to suit multiple setups. Built-in Rekordbox integration guarantees impeccable harmony between the hardware and software, promising uninterrupted, fluid performances. And, even with its multitude of features, the DDJ 800 remains impressively compact and portable, solidifying its place as an ideal choice for on-the-go DJing.


  • Loaded with pro features, including Sound Color FX and Beat FX.
  • Informative center LCD screens on jog wheels enhance workflow.
  • Seamless integration with Pioneer’s Rekordbox DJ software.


  • Lacks native support for Serato DJ software.
  • Cannot operate as a standalone mixer; requires a computer.



The TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 DJ controller stands out as a revolutionary asset in the DJing realm, masterfully combining advanced features with an intuitive layout. With eight RGB performance pads per deck, DJs can achieve rhythmic precision, adapting swiftly to musical shifts. Its expansive jog wheels cater to a plethora of DJ techniques, from scratching to seamless beatmatching. An expertly constructed mixer section ensures each knob and fader responds with precision, while the built-in 24-bit / 96kHz audio interface delivers unparalleled sound quality. Overall, the S4 promises an optimized DJing journey, blending functionality with finesse.


  • Seamless Software compatibility with TRAKTOR PRO 3 and leading platforms like Ableton and Logic Pro.
  • Comprehensive Features include RGB pads, touch-sensitive jog wheels, and a top-tier audio interface.
  • Intuitive Layout that’s advanced yet straightforward for DJs.


  • TRAKTOR-centric nature could limit DJs using other software.
  • No standalone mixing capability, needs a computer connection.

Denon DJ MC7000 ($999)

Denon DJ MC7000

The Denon DJ MC7000 DJ controller seamlessly merges robust construction with a suite of professional features. Its multifunctional pads, offering hot cues, loops, and slicer mode, grant DJs dynamic control over their mixes. The jog wheels deliver a balanced resistance, perfect for track navigation and precise scratching, while their LED rings enhance the controller’s visual aesthetics. A standout feature is the sophisticated four-channel digital mixer, enriched with dedicated FX and filter controls for each channel. Furthermore, the MC7000’s integrated sound card provides a versatile array of input and output options, cementing its place as an industry favorite.


  • Integrated 4-channel mixer supports digital and analog sources.
  • Dual USB ports for seamless DJ transitions and dual-computer use.
  • Straightforward 24-bit audio interface.
  • Bundled with Serato DJ Pro and additional expansions.


  • Bulky and heavy, impacting portability.
  • Optimized for Serato DJ Pro, potentially limiting full feature use with other software.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right DJ Equipment

Navigating the expansive world of DJ equipment can feel like an overwhelming journey, especially given the vast range of DJ controller choices available on the market today. But fear not! Your ideal equipment is out there, and the key to finding it lies in understanding two crucial factors: your budget and your skill level.

Firstly, let’s talk about the budget. Like any tech or professional gear, DJ controllers can range from affordable starter kits to high-end machines with price tags to match. Setting a clear budget for yourself not only ensures you won’t break the bank but also narrows down your options, making the selection process more manageable.

Next, take into account your skill level. DJing encompasses a wide range of expertise, from novices exploring the basics to seasoned professionals with years of experience. Understanding your position within this spectrum is crucial, as certain equipment models cater specifically to expert DJs, offering complex features that can be daunting to beginners.

By anchoring your search in these two considerations, you’ll be better equipped to sift through the myriad options and find the DJ controller that’s just right for you. Happy mixing!


In wrapping up, the world of DJ controllers offers a plethora of options, each with its unique set of features and functionalities. Even with a budget cap of $1000, it’s evident that quality and innovation aren’t compromised. Whether you’re a budding DJ seeking your first professional-grade controller or an experienced artist looking for a feature-rich yet budget-friendly upgrade, there’s something in this price range to suit your needs. Remember to consider your specific requirements, preferences, and intended use to make the most informed decision.


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