Rekordbox DJ Software Review: 3: Main Features, Pricing and Alternatives

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In the constantly evolving landscape of DJ software, Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox has been making a name for itself as a robust and innovative choice for both budding and seasoned DJs. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the specifics of Rekordbox, assessing its features, usability, and value while juxtaposing it with other well-known Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

Specification Description
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Audio tracksUnlimited
Bundled contentVaries based on subscription (up to 3 GB)
EffectsOver 30 DJ effects
Audio recordingYes
Free versionYes
Subscription planYes
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Overview and Pricing

Born from Pioneer DJ’s vision to provide DJs with a comprehensive music management solution, Rekordbox made its debut as a software that excelled at organizing and preparing tracks. Over the years, however, it evolved significantly. Today, it’s recognized as a sophisticated DAW that’s favored by DJs globally, regardless of their skill level.

Rekordbox comes in two distinct versions: Rekordbox DJ (Performance Software) and Rekordbox (Music Management). The former, Rekordbox DJ, is a fully-featured DAW that offers a multitude of tools, effects, and features designed to optimize the DJing experience. Whether it’s live performances or studio mixing, this version supports it all. Priced at $129, it might seem a bit steep, but given the suite of functionalities it offers, it’s an investment many professional DJs deem worthwhile.

On the other hand, the Rekordbox Music Management version continues the software’s original mandate: providing an intuitive, seamless platform for DJs to manage their music. Despite being a stripped-down version of its Performance counterpart, this version is available free of charge and still packs in enough features to impress most users.

Understanding the industry’s shift towards subscription-based models, Pioneer DJ also offers monthly plans for Rekordbox DJ. Starting at just $9.99 per month, these plans allow DJs to enjoy all the benefits of the performance software without the upfront costs. This flexible pricing structure provides a solution for every DJ, whether they are hobbyists, up-and-coming artists, or established professionals.

Rekordbox DJ (Performance Software)Full-featured DAW tailored for DJ performances$129 (one-time fee)$9.99/month (subscription-based)
Rekordbox (Music Management)Comprehensive music management softwareFree
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Interface and Views

One of the defining features of Rekordbox is its sleek, user-centric interface. Designed with the professional DJ’s needs at heart, the software echoes the familiar layout of a traditional DJ deck and mixer setup. This interface decision reduces the learning curve for beginners and provides a sense of familiarity to seasoned professionals, thus making it a suitable choice for DJs at all levels.

Rekordbox provides a level of customization and flexibility that is appreciated by DJs with varying preferences. Users can switch between a 2-deck and a 4-deck view, allowing them to cater their software setup according to the complexity of their mixes and performances. This flexibility underscores Rekordbox’s commitment to accommodating a diverse range of DJing styles.

Adding another layer of personalization, Rekordbox offers two distinct display modes: light and dark. This feature empowers DJs to adapt their software to various lighting environments, enhancing visibility during live performances and reducing eye strain during extended mixing sessions.

Despite the comprehensive range of features it offers, Rekordbox’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) remains intuitive and clean. Core functionalities such as cue points, loops, and beat jumps are conveniently located and easily accessible, ensuring a seamless workflow. This thoughtful placement of key features demonstrates the software’s deep understanding of a DJ’s needs, providing them with a tool that is powerful yet comfortable to use, thereby enhancing the overall creative process.

rekordbox interface review

Editing Tools and Features

In the sea of DJ software options available, Rekordbox distinguishes itself with an impressive array of features tailored to support and enhance DJ performances. From fostering creativity through innovative performance modes to facilitating a streamlined workflow with intelligent music management, Rekordbox has a lot to offer:

  • Performance Modes: Including Hot Cue, Slip Mode, and Beat Jump.
  • Track Suggestion: Offers tracks that harmonically match the currently playing track.
  • Advanced Library Management: Easy integration with iTunes and excellent search functionalities.
  • Robust Effects: Offers a variety of unique effects for mixing and editing.
  • Link Export mode: Allows DJs to play tracks directly from their laptop via a USB connection without needing to export tracks.

Comparison with Other DAWs

As we navigate through the complex and competitive landscape of DAWs, it’s crucial to compare Rekordbox with its counterparts. By placing Rekordbox under the lens of comparison, we can gain a better understanding of its strengths and areas for improvement, thereby determining its place in the market.


  • Tight integration with Pioneer DJ’s hardware.
  • Smooth library and playlist management.
  • Advanced and innovative features such as Related Tracks.


  • Costlier than some other DAWs in the market.
  • Occasional reports of stability issues.
  • Requires a more powerful system for smooth operation compared to some competitors.

Best Rekordbox Alternatives

Despite the strong foothold that Rekordbox has established in the DJ software market, it’s important to acknowledge the presence of other reputable alternatives. There are several competing software options that provide different features and interfaces that may align more closely with some DJs’ individual needs and preferences. So, while Rekordbox is an excellent choice for many, it’s worth taking a moment to explore a couple of other noteworthy alternatives that are making significant waves in the DJ world.

Serato Studio DJ

With a reputation built on rock-solid stability and straightforward usability, Serato DJ is a popular choice among DJs worldwide. It offers seamless integration with a broad range of hardware, not just limited to Pioneer DJ. Plus, it provides an edge with its unique music streaming capabilities.

Serato DJ’s key features include:

  • Robust streaming capabilities, including support for SoundCloud and TIDAL.
  • Extensive hardware compatibility, accommodating a wide range of DJ controllers.
  • User-friendly interface and workflow.

Traktor DJ Pro

Traktor Pro, developed by Native Instruments, is another heavy-hitter in the DJ software world. It sets itself apart with its innovative features that are oriented towards creative mixing. These features, combined with a suite of robust effects, make Traktor Pro a preferred choice for DJs who excel in live remixes.

Traktor Pro’s main features are:

  • Stems and Remix Decks for creative mixing.
  • Powerful effects suite, perfect for crafting unique soundscapes.
  • Diverse hardware integration, including Native Instruments’ own controllers and mixers.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Rekordbox DJ software is a comprehensive, performance-centric DAW designed to satisfy most DJs’ needs. While it does have a few drawbacks, it more than compensates with its innovative features and excellent hardware integration. Whether you’re new to the DJing scene or a veteran looking for a switch, Rekordbox deserves to be on your list of software to consider.


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