Traktor DJ Software: Main Features, Price and Alternatives

tractor dj software review

When it comes to digital DJing, the options are plentiful. However, standing tall amidst this variety is the steadfast Traktor DJ software by Native Instruments. With a full range of professional features, innovative technology, and user-friendly navigation, Traktor brings a comprehensive package to the DJ’s digital toolkit. But how does it truly hold up against its competitors? Let’s dig in.

Specification Description
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Audio tracksunlimited
Bundled content1 GB (Traktor Pro 3)
File TypesMP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, non-DRM AAC
Effectsover 40
Audio recordingyes
Free versionyes (Traktor DJ 2)
Subscription planno
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Overview and Pricing

Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ software takes center stage in the realm of digital DJing, offering two distinct versions to cater to a wide spectrum of users. At one end of this spectrum, we have Traktor DJ 2, a cost-free variant that brings simplicity and ease of use to the forefront. This version, carefully designed for beginners, hobbyists, and casual users, provides a streamlined experience without overwhelming newcomers with an overload of professional features.

The free version, though stripped-down, nevertheless offers a taste of the potent capabilities of the Traktor ecosystem. It’s an ideal springboard for those curious about digital DJing and who want to dip their toes into the water without a hefty investment.

On the other end of the spectrum, we find Traktor Pro 3, a comprehensive suite retailing at a reasonable price of $99. This professional version boasts a wide array of high-end features, transforming the DJ’s toolkit into a powerful musical forge. From the advanced Stems and Remix Decks capabilities to a plethora of effects and a customizable interface, Traktor Pro 3 is designed for seasoned DJs and music producers who demand versatility and robust performance in their craft.

Interface and Views

The Traktor DJ software, in both its versions, takes pride in its clean, uncluttered, and intuitive interface that encourages users to dive into the mixing process without any apprehension. The free-to-use Traktor DJ 2 simplifies the interface down to a two-deck system, featuring touch-sensitive waveforms that offer real-time audio feedback and the convenience of direct access to your iTunes library. It creates an inviting, user-friendly experience for beginners or casual users.

Conversely, Traktor Pro 3 elevates the digital DJing experience to another level by expanding its interface to support up to four decks, facilitating more complex and creative mixing possibilities. The sophisticated mixer section, customizable waveforms, and integrated effects racks are all designed to fuel your creativity and help you deliver compelling performances. Each deck includes the waveform, beat markers, cue points, and other details to give a comprehensive visual and functional representation of your music. This thorough representation gives DJs a clear grasp of their music and its behavior, enabling them to create mixes with accuracy.

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Editing Tools and Features

The Traktor DJ software is a complete solution that not only offers a wide range of editing tools and functions but also effortlessly incorporates them into a user-friendly interface. And in the world of digital DJing, how well and how versatile your tools are will determine how well you can modify and transform your music. Traktor Pro 3 surpasses its less complex sibling with a huge array of professional-grade features:

  • Stems and Remix Decks: These tools let DJs combine several track components, or even several songs, on a single deck.
  • By automatically matching the speed of tracks, the Sync tool frees your time for inventive beat-mixing.
  • DJs can manipulate a track in flux mode while still maintaining its development, resulting in smooth transitions.
  • Beat Jump and Loop: Let you navigate your track in time, while Loop lets you make loops of various lengths.
  • Over 40 effects: These include beat-synchronized effects and filters to help you artistically amplify your sound.
  • Support for HID and MIDI: Provides compatibility with a wide range of DJ controllers and tools.
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Comparison with Other DAWs

Traktor DJ software, a mainstay in the digital DJ world, continually puts out an amazing performance, bridging the gap between professional-grade capabilities and intuitive usability. In a cutthroat market, it competes head-to-head with other well-known DAWs, each of which has its own distinct advantages. Weighing the benefits and cons of Traktor DJ software with respect to its rivals is crucial if you want to completely grasp its possibilities. Below, we’ve detailed some of the most important benefits and drawbacks of Traktor in comparison to other top-tier DAWs:


  • Versatility: With its advanced features and customizable interface, Traktor suits everyone, from beginners to professionals.
  • Stability: Traktor is renowned for its robustness, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Integration: It seamlessly integrates with other Native Instruments hardware and software, providing a cohesive DJ ecosystem.


  • Learning Curve: While beginners can use Traktor, it may take some time to become proficient due to its feature-rich nature.
  • No built-in music streaming service: Unlike some competitors, Traktor currently doesn’t support built-in music streaming services.

Best Traktor DJ Alternatives

While Traktor DJ solidifies its place in the industry as a potent and versatile DJing tool, it’s certainly not the only player in the field. From the live performance-oriented Ableton Live to the beginner-friendly Serato DJ Lite, there’s a wide spectrum of professional DJ softwares to consider according to their individual requirements and preferences. Here are some of the most outstanding Traktor DJ alternatives.

Serato DJ Pro

A popular choice among professionals, Serato boasts a clean, user-friendly interface, robust library management, and built-in streaming support. The main features include

  • Real-time stretching and Pitch ‘n Time DJ
  • A multitude of expansion packs for effects, video mixing, and DVS control.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of hardware.

Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox

A direct competitor, Rekordbox, provides a unified platform for music management and performance. Key features include

  • Advanced Related Tracks feature for smooth set planning.
  • Seamless integration with Pioneer DJ’s hardware.
  • A powerful auto-mix feature for intelligent mixing.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Traktor DJ software delivers a comprehensive suite for digital DJs, providing power, flexibility, and reliability. While there are worthy alternatives available, the sheer depth of functionality and scalability makes Traktor a strong contender in the world of digital DJing. It remains a highly recommended tool, whether you’re a beginner looking to dip your toes in or a seasoned professional eager to explore new sonic territories.


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