Traktor X1 MK3 Special Review: What’s New From the Native Instruments?

Traktor X1 MK3 DJ Controller

In the fast-paced realm of DJ gear, 2023 has been all eyes on Native Instruments and their game-changing offering expected on the 20th of September, the Traktor X1 MK3. This bad boy elevates the art of DJ mixing, setting new benchmarks in functionality, effects management, and personal customization. As someone who’s been on the decks […]

TRAKTOR KONTROL S3 Review: Unleashing the Power of Advanced DJ Mixing

Traktor Kontrol S3 DJ controller review

In this in-depth TRAKTOR KONTROL S3 review, we explore the features and capabilities of this advanced DJ controller. This meticulously crafted piece of DJ equipment is designed to cater to the needs of seasoned professionals, offering seamless control and integration. Let’s delve into the specifics and find out what this controller brings to the table. […]

TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 MK3 – Full Gude on Native Instruments DJ Controller


If you’re an aspiring DJ looking for the perfect hardware to kickstart your journey, then this TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 review could be exactly what you need. This two-deck, all-in-one DJ controller is designed to bring your music to life in new and exciting ways. TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 Pros and Cons With any DJ controller, understanding […]

TRAKTOR KONTROL S4: Redefining the DJ Controller Game

Traktor Kontrol S4 review

This in-depth TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 review is a thorough examination of one of the most noteworthy DJ controllers in the market today. We’ll meticulously explore the nuances of this outstanding piece of hardware, dissecting its features, performance, and overall value. Strap in as we embark on this detailed exploration, providing insights that will help you […]