Reloop RP-8000 MK2 Review 2024: Hybrid Serato Turntable

Reloop RP-8000 MK2 record player

Bridging the gap between classic vinyl DJing and the digital era, the Reloop RP-8000 MK2 stands as a testament to innovation in DJ technology. In this detailed review, we dissect the intricate features and performance of this hybrid Serato-compatible turntable, highlighting its impact on the evolving landscape of DJ equipment.

Reloop RP-8000 MK2

Pioneer DDJ-1000 Overview
  • Dimensions (W/H/D): 18.03" x 57" x 13.9" / 45.8 x 144.6 x 35.4 cm

  • Weight: 26 lbs (11.8 kg)

  • Direct-Drive

  • Plays: 33⅓, 45, and 78 RPM records


Pros and Cons of Reloop RP-8000 MK2

Let’s dive into the Reloop RP 8000 MK2, a turntable that’s been garnering attention in the DJ community. Here’s an expert-level breakdown of its pros and cons.


  • Advanced Hybrid Torque Direct Drive: The RP 8000 MK2 features a powerful motor offering exceptional torque. This results in stable rotation and precise speed control, essential for beat matching and scratching.
  • Integrated MIDI Pads: Unique to this turntable, the 8 RGB backlit pads provide instant control over cue points, loops, and samples, adding a new dimension to DJ performances.
  • Customizable Platter Speeds: With selectable platter speeds (33⅓, 45, and 78 RPM), the RP 8000 MK2 caters to various music genres and vinyl types.
  • High-Resolution Pitch Fader: The pitch fader offers a fine resolution of 0.02% for 4% mode, allowing for precise adjustments, critical for blending tracks seamlessly.
  • Dual Start/Stop Buttons: Perfect for battle setups, these buttons are positioned horizontally and vertically, accommodating different performance styles and techniques.
  • Sturdy Construction: Its robust build quality ensures durability and reliability, a key consideration for gear subjected to the rigors of DJing.
  • Seamless Integration with Serato DJ Pro: This turntable is Serato-certified, allowing for tight integration and control over the software, which is a huge plus for digital vinyl system (DVS) users.


  • Complexity for Beginners: Its advanced features and functionalities might overwhelm novice DJs just starting out.
  • Weight and Portability: Due to its robust construction, it’s heavier than many other turntables, which could be a concern for mobile DJs.
  • Limited Appeal to Purists: Traditional vinyl purists might find the MIDI pads and digital features unnecessary, preferring simpler, classic turntables.
  • Dependence on Software for Full Functionality: To utilize all its features, particularly the MIDI control, a connection to compatible DJ software is required, which could be a limitation in certain setups.

Overview of the RP-8000 MK2

The Reloop RP-8000 MK2 DJ turntable stands out with its innovative blend of traditional vinyl experience and modern digital technology. It features a powerful direct drive motor, providing stable and precise playback. Unique to its design are the integrated MIDI control pads, allowing for real-time manipulation of cues, loops, and samples. With its robust construction and high-resolution pitch fader, the RP-8000 MK2 ensures durability and accurate mixing capabilities. Additionally, seamless Serato DJ Pro integration and USB connectivity cater to the needs of contemporary DJs, making it a versatile choice for both analog and digital mixing enthusiasts.

Reloop RP-8000 MK2 layout

Reloop RP 8000 MK2 Specs and Technical Details

Designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern DJs, the Reloop RP 8000 MK2 seamlessly blends the cherished analog feel with cutting-edge digital technology. From its robust direct drive motor to the integrated USB output for digital setups, each feature is meticulously engineered to enhance performance and reliability. 

Speeds33⅓, 45, and 78 RPM
Drive MethodDirect Drive
MotorQuartz-Driven Hybrid Torque Motor
Phono PreampNo (requires external preamp)
USB OutputYes
TonearmStatic Balanced S-shaped Tonearm
Pitch Control+/-8%, +/-16%, +/-50% (Ultra Pitch)
Anti-Skate ControlYes
StylusNot included (stylus dependent on the cartridge used)

Design and Build Quality of the RP-8000 MK2

The Reloop RP 8000 MK2 exemplifies robustness and elegance in design, boasting a high-quality metal construction with a sleek, modern aesthetic. Its durable build and refined finish reflect a commitment to both functionality and style, making it a top choice for DJs valuing longevity and visual appeal.

Reloop RP 8000 MK2 Tonearm

The Reloop RP 8000 MK2 features a static-balanced, S-shaped tonearm meticulously engineered to ensure optimal tracking performance. With its finely crafted design, it offers a harmonious blend of stability and flexibility, crucial in achieving precise needle placement and effective vibration reduction. The tonearm’s adjustable counterweight and anti-skating mechanism contribute significantly to its ability to handle a variety of cartridges with ease, thereby catering to different stylistic preferences and performance requirements. 

Equipped with a universal SME connection, it allows for seamless integration with a wide range of headshells and cartridges. The nuanced design of the tonearm on the RP 8000 MK2 not only enhances audio fidelity but also adds to the turntable’s overall durability and reliability, making it a valuable asset in any DJ’s arsenal.

Reloop RP-8000 MK2 tonearm built

RP 8000 MK2 Physical Buttons, Knobs, and Controls

The Reloop RP 8000 MK2 boasts an array of physical buttons, knobs, and controls, meticulously designed to offer DJs intuitive and precise command over their mixes. Key features include:

  • Start/Stop Buttons: Positioned for both classic and battle style, they immediately respond to swift operation.
  • Pitch Control Fader: Offers a high-resolution adjustment range of +/-8%, +/-16%, and an ultra pitch control of +/-50%, enabling fine-tuning track speed.
  • Platter Speed Selection Buttons: Allow easy switching between 33⅓, 45, and 78 RPM, accommodating various record types.
  • Reverse Button: Enables DJs to reverse play direction, adding creative flair to performances instantly.
  • MIDI Control Pads: Eight multi-colored, backlit pads deliver hands-on control for cues, loops, and sample triggering.
  • Track End Warning: A visual indicator alerts DJs as the record approaches its end, ensuring seamless transitions.

Each element on the RP 8000 MK2 is strategically placed for optimal ergonomics and ease of use, enhancing the tactile experience of vinyl manipulation and live performance control.

Reloop RP-8000 MK2 control pads

Reloop RP-8000 MK2 Sound Quality and Audio Performance

The RP-8000 MK2 excels in delivering exceptional sound quality and audio performance, a testament to its advanced technological design. Its hybrid torque motor ensures accurate and stable playback, which is vital for pristine sound output. A standout feature is the seamless integration with Serato DJ Pro, which elevates the digital mixing experience. This compatibility allows DJs to harness the power of digital music libraries while enjoying the tactile feel of vinyl. The turntable’s USB output facilitates this integration, offering a smooth, low-latency connection that ensures sound fidelity is preserved. Moreover, its pitch control fader allows for precise speed adjustments, enhancing the audio’s clarity and coherence. 

Reloop RP-8000 MK2 software integration

How Much Is RP-8000 MK2?

The Reloop RP 8000 MK2, priced at around $799, represents a significant investment in professional DJ turntables. However, it’s important to note that pricing can vary based on the retailer and geographical location. Factors such as local taxes, import duties, and shipping costs can influence the final price. Potential buyers should consider these variables and shop around to find the most competitive cost, considering that the RP 8000 MK2 offers a blend of quality.

Reloop RP-8000 MK2 vs. Alternatives

When considering high-end DJ turntables, the Reloop RP-8000 MK2 often comes up as a top choice. However, it’s crucial to compare it with other notable alternatives in the market to gauge its standing. A prominent alternative is the Technics SL-1210MK7.

Turntable ModelReloop RP-8000 MK2Technics SL-1210MK7
Sound Quality9.09.0
Built-In PreampNo No
Digital ConversionYesNo

In contrast to the Reloop turntable, the Technics SL-1210MK7 stays true to the classic turntable experience. It’s incredibly user-friendly, making it a suitable choice for both beginners and experienced DJs who prefer a more straightforward, no-frills approach. While it lacks the digital conversion capabilities of the RP-8000 MK2, it excels in delivering the pure, unadulterated vinyl sound that Technics turntables are famous for.

Reloop RP-8000 MK2 with vinyl

Final Verdict

The Reloop RP-8000 MK2 stands out as a modern, feature-packed turntable that bridges the gap between traditional vinyl mixing and contemporary digital control. Its appeal is most pronounced among intermediate to professional DJs who can fully leverage its advanced functionalities. However, its complexity and price point might not make it the best fit for beginners or those looking for a more traditional, straightforward turntable experience.


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