Serato DJ: Unveiling the Gold Standard of DJ Software

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In the dynamic world of DJing, Serato is a name that reverberates with resonance and reliability. For over two decades, this best djing software has been a preferred choice for many professional DJs, from club mixers to mobile entertainers. This in-depth review will unravel the layers of Serato, examining its features, pricing, usability, and how it stacks up against its competitors.

Specification Serato DJ LiteSerato DJ Pro
PlatformsWindows, macOSWindows, macOS
Audio tracks2 (limited)4 (unlimited)
Bundled contentNoneExpansion Packs available (GB varies)
EffectsBasic Effects (6)Advanced iZotope Effects (over 45)
Audio recordingNoYes
Free versionYesNo
Subscription planNo Yes ($9.99/month)
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Overview and Pricing

Founded in New Zealand, Serato is a world-renowned company that’s carved a unique niche for itself in the sphere of audio production and DJ software. Known for its superior quality and high reliability, Serato offers two flagship DJ software that caters to diverse users’ needs and skill levels.

Their entry-level software, Serato DJ Lite, is an appealing, no-cost solution that allows beginners to dip their toes into the waters of DJing. This freeware offers basic functionality, giving novice DJs a chance to learn the ropes of mixing and spinning without any financial commitment. It’s an ideal stepping stone, offering a taste of the Serato experience and encouraging users to learn and grow.

On the other hand, Serato DJ Pro, with a one-time purchase price of $129 or a monthly subscription rate of $9.99, is a potent weapon in any professional DJ’s arsenal. Packed to the brim with advanced features, it’s crafted for those who require greater control and extensive capabilities. Whether you’re spinning in a club, mixing at a mobile gig, or streaming a set online, Serato DJ Pro has you covered. It offers powerful tools and intricate controls that help create an immersive and interactive DJing experience, truly enabling pros to take their art to the next level.

Interface and Views

A software’s user interface can make or break the user experience, and Serato’s design team certainly understands this concept. Both the Lite and Pro versions of Serato are blessed with a beautifully intuitive interface that combines professional aesthetics with user-friendly design principles. This seamless blend of form and function gives users a robust platform for mixing tracks with precision and style.

One of the standout features is the two-deck view, a staple in DJ software. In this layout, waveforms can be showcased either horizontally or vertically, allowing DJs to adapt the view to their preferred workflow. This not only aids beatmatching and track alignment but also makes identifying song structures easier.

For users who opt for the Serato DJ Pro version, the capabilities expand further with the four-deck view. This feature gives DJs even more room to be creative, enabling complex mixes and seamless transitions between a larger number of tracks.

Yet, it’s not just the deck view that shines. Serato also offers an extensive library section designed to make file browsing and playlist management as effortless as possible. DJs can sort tracks by various criteria, build playlists, set cue points, and even color-code tracks for seamless navigation. This comprehensive organizational feature supports a smooth, uninterrupted workflow, leaving DJs free to focus on creating a captivating sonic experience.

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Editing Tools and Features

Serato DJ Pro sets the gold standard for DJ software with its comprehensive suite of innovative editing tools and features. Let’s dive into the remarkable capabilities that this industry-leading solution offers to elevate the art of DJ mixing.

  • Beat Jump: Allows you to move forward or backward in your track in set increments.
  • Slip Mode: Keep the track playing silently during live edits like loop, scratch, or hot cues. Once you finish, it returns to the position it would have been.
  • Key Shifting/Pitch ‘n Time: Control the musical key of a track and adjust it to match others.
  • Virtual decks: Display important track information: BPM, time remaining/elapsed, pitch adjustment, and key.
  • FX Pack: Enrich your mix with a wide range of customizable DJ FX powered by iZotope.
  • Expansion packs: To add functions like video mixing, DVS, or even more effects.
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Comparison with Other DAWs

In the landscape of digital audio workstations (DAWs), Serato is a prominent player. Let’s evaluate how it fares against its competitors, focusing on its key strengths and areas for improvement.


  • The User-friendly interface is suitable for beginners and pros.
  • Reliable and low latency software with excellent hardware integration.
  • Key shifting and Pitch ‘n Time feature offer superior harmonic mixing capabilities.
  • Offers both free (Lite) and paid (Pro) versions to cater to a wide range of users.


  • It may require a powerful computer for smooth operation, especially for complex mixes.
  • Does not support VST/AU plugins.
  • Limited capability for music production in comparison to some other DAWs.

Best Serato Alternatives

As much as Serato shines in the DJ software world, it’s not alone in the market. There are several impressive alternatives that offer unique strengths, ready to cater to different user needs and preferences in the diverse world of DJing.

Traktor Pro

From Native Instruments, this software offers a robust suite of editing tools, creative mixing options, and innovative effects. Key features include:

  • Stems and Remix Decks for layering tracks.
  • A large array of native effects.
  • Advanced looping and cueing functionality.


Pioneer DJ’s software solution is known for its excellent hardware integration and comprehensive features. Its main features include:

  • A wide range of performance pads functions.
  • Cloud-based library management.
  • Compatibility with various Pioneer DJ hardware.

Final Thoughts

Serato has built a sterling reputation in the DJ world for a good reason. With an intuitive interface, comprehensive feature set, and reliable performance, it’s a formidable tool for both budding DJs and seasoned pros. However, its limitations in the production area and hardware requirements might not suit everyone. In such cases, alternatives like Traktor Pro or Rekordbox might be more fitting. Ultimately, the choice of DJ software hinges on personal preferences and the specific needs of the DJ. Regardless, Serato remains a strong contender in the digital DJing arena.


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