Djay Pro Ai V4: Unveiling the Future of DJing

Djay Pro Ai V4 overview

Ever since the early 2000s, the art of DJing has taken a significant turn due to the digital revolution, as virtual dj software mimics physical mixing decks. Amid the myriad of DJ software out there, Djay Pro AI V4 has earned a reputation for pushing boundaries and driving innovation. If you’re an aspiring DJ looking to embrace a versatile platform or a professional looking to explore a more adaptive interface, this review will guide you through the software’s functions, pricing, and how it holds up against other DAWs in the industry.

Specification Description
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Audio tracksunlimited
Bundled contentnot applicable
EffectsOver 30+
Audio recordingyes
Free versionno
Subscription planyes
Djay Pro Ai V4

Overview and Pricing

Djay Pro AI V4, a brainchild of the adept development team at Algoriddim, has truly redefined the art of DJing in the digital era. This first-class software seamlessly integrates a host of features, pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity within the DJing landscape. Its crowning glory lies in the incorporation of Neural Mix™ technology. This AI-driven component takes track deconstruction to a whole new level, offering real-time audio separation that enables DJs to isolate various elements of a track instantly. From vocals to instrumentals to beats, Neural Mix™ promises an unparalleled DJing experience in the realm of digital music mixing.

Djay Pro AI V4 offers three pricing options: Pro at $6.99/month, Pro Yearly at $49.99/year, and a one-time purchase option, Pro Lifetime, at $299.99. While it might seem expensive, the plethora of features it offers, combined with its innovative AI technology, warrants the price tag. Here are these options in a nutshell:

Pricing OptionCostDescription
Pro$6.99/monthMonthly subscription, full access to features
Pro Yearly$49.99/yearYearly subscription, full access to features
Pro Lifetime$299.99One-time purchase, lifetime access to features

Interface and Views

The interface of Djay Pro AI V4 doesn’t just impress with its aesthetic appeal; it’s a marvel of thoughtful design and user-oriented innovation. The dual-deck layout, which mirrors traditional DJ equipment, provides an effortless navigation experience. Notably, users can alternate between horizontal and vertical waveforms at their convenience, thus tailoring the mixing experience to their preferences. The expansive 4-deck view offers extensive mixing capabilities, inviting DJs to experiment with their sound. 

For those who prefer to prepare and pre-cue their tracks, the Single Deck mode comes in handy. Moreover, Djay Pro AI V4 distinguishes itself by supporting video mixing, thereby enabling DJs to orchestrate immersive audio-visual performances. This multifaceted toolset makes the software an invaluable asset for both novice and experienced DJs.

Djay Pro Ai V4 interface

Editing Tools and Features

The software’s arsenal is meticulously designed to empower DJs with unparalleled control over their craft, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of digital mixing. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for advanced capabilities or an amateur keen on exploring the dynamic world of DJing, Djay Pro AI V4 brings you a spectrum of features and tools that can amplify your mixing prowess to new heights. It comes packed with a range of features and tools:

  • Neural Mix™: This allows for real-time audio separation, including instrumentals, acapella, drums, and harmonic mixing.
  • Automix AI™: This tool uses machine learning to identify rhythmic patterns and the optimal fade points, enabling seamless transitions.
  • Looper: With up to 48 slots, DJs can create intricate patterns and sequences.
  • MIDI Learn: This feature enables custom mapping for DJ controllers, keyboards, and accessories.
  • Spotify Integration: DJs can directly stream over 70 million songs from Spotify.
DjayPro Ai V4

Comparison with Other DAWs

Choosing the right Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is an integral part of any DJ’s journey, and it invariably comes down to comparing multiple options. Djay Pro AI V4 certainly raises the bar in this landscape, but how does it stack up against its counterparts? In this section, we’ll objectively dissect the strengths and weaknesses of Djay Pro AI V4, comparing its offerings with those of other DAWs in the industry. 


  • AI technology significantly improves track separation and mixing.
  • Seamless Spotify integration for vast music library access.
  • High-quality sound effects and filters, courtesy of Sugar Bytes.
  • Versatile platform, supporting audio and video mixing.


  • Higher price tag compared to some other DAWs.
  • Some features may seem complex for beginners.

Best Djay Pro Ai V4 Alternatives

While Djay Pro AI V4 is undeniably a powerhouse in the realm of DJ software, it’s important to recognize the diverse landscape of digital audio workstations. There are numerous other DAWs, each presenting its unique strengths, that can be viable alternatives based on individual preferences, DJing style, and budget constraints.

Serato DJ Pro

A popular choice for many DJs, Serato DJ Pro, offers a great user interface, robust hardware integration, and features like Key Shifting and Pitch ‘n Time. It’s a solid alternative if you’re into more traditional DJing methods.

  • Reliable and clean interface.
  • Excellent hardware integration.
  • High-quality FX powered by iZotope.

Virtual DJ 2023

Another popular choice, Virtual DJ 2023, offers a variety of features like video mixing, track suggestions, and powerful streaming integration options. It’s ideal for DJs seeking versatility and a more video-oriented approach.

  • Advanced video mixing capabilities.
  • Music recommendations feature.
  • Wide range of streaming integrations.

Final Thoughts

Djay Pro AI V4 is a true game-changer, offering cutting-edge AI technology that enhances the DJing experience significantly. Its high price might seem like a stumbling block, but the breadth of advanced features and seamless user interface make it worth every penny. However, if you’re a beginner DJ or on a tight budget, Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ 2023 are robust alternatives. It all boils down to your personal preference and DJing style.


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