Pioneer DDJ-800: A Game-Changer in the DJ Controller Arena

pioneer ddj 800 review

In the world of DJing, the right tools can make or break your performance. For this Pioneer DDJ 800 review, we’ll delve into one such game-changing DJ controller that has been causing waves in the industry.

Pioneer DDJ-800

Pioneer DDJ-800 Overview
  • Jog Wheel and Layout from DDJ-1000

  • 2 Mic Inputs with Feedback Reducer

  • 14 Beat FX and Sound Color FX

  • Eight Performance Pads per Deck

  • Controller Level: Advanced

  • Compatible Software: Rekordbox DJ

  • Supported DJ Applications: WeDJ, djay for iOS and Android, edjing Mix

From $969

Pioneer DDJ-800 Pros and Cons

To make an informed decision when selecting a DJ controller, it’s crucial to weigh the pros against the cons. In this section, we’ll outline the strengths and weaknesses of the Pioneer DDJ 800 to give you a balanced view of what this powerful DJ controller has to offer.


  • Advanced Features: The Pioneer DDJ 800 is packed with professional features like Sound Color FX and Beat FX, which elevate your mixing abilities.
  • High-quality Components: From jog wheels to performance pads, every component of this DJ controller is designed to offer a superior experience.
  • Rekordbox Integration: It’s designed to work seamlessly with Pioneer’s Rekordbox DJ software, offering great synergy and convenience.
  • Portable and Compact: Despite being feature-packed, the DDJ 800 maintains a compact and portable design, making it perfect for mobile DJing.
  • On-Jog Display: The center LCD screens in the jog wheels offer handy information at a glance, improving workflow during performances.


  • Price: The Pioneer DDJ 800 is a bit pricey. It’s a worthy investment for serious DJs, but the cost might be prohibitive for beginners or hobbyists.
  • Limited Serato Support: While it works flawlessly with Rekordbox DJ, it doesn’t natively support Serato, which could be a disadvantage for DJs who prefer Serato.
  • No Standalone Mixer Capability: Unlike some of its competitors, the DDJ 800 cannot function as a standalone mixer without being connected to a computer.
  • Only Two Channels: While adequate for most DJs, some may find the two-channel design limiting, especially when transitioning from a four-channel controller.
ddj 800 review

Unboxing the Pioneer DDJ 800

From the moment you break the seal of the Pioneer DDJ 800 box, you immediately sense the exceptional standard of DJ equipment that awaits inside. This DJ controller is more than just a functional piece of gear; it’s a carefully designed visual masterpiece that adds a touch of style to your DJ setup. Its compact form factor is deceiving, hiding a powerhouse of DJ capabilities within a sleek and manageable framework that’s easy to transport.

Every detail, every contour, every button, and knob on the DDJ 800 has been meticulously crafted to serve a purpose and do so with finesse. The glistening metallic finish not only enhances the controller’s visual appeal but also instills a sense of robustness and durability, an assurance that this device can handle the rigors of any DJing environment.

At first glance, the Pioneer DDJ 800 exudes an aura of superiority that sets it apart from many competitors. It’s a tangible testament to Pioneer’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of DJ gear. They have successfully melded top-tier performance with stunning aesthetics, creating a DJ controller that promises a seamless blend of functionality and style.

Dimensions25.98″ x 12.52″ x 2.87″ in
Weight4.7 kg
Inputs2 LINE (RCA), 2 PHONO/LINE (RCA), 2 MIC (XLR & 1/4 inch TRS Jack, 1/4 inch TRS Jack)
USBUSB (Type B) x 1
Soundcard24 bit/44.1 kHz
Frequency Range20 – 20,000 Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio111 dB (USB)
Distortion< 0.003 % (USB)
ddj 800

The Core Features of the Pioneer DDJ-800

To truly appreciate the power of this controller, we need to dive into the core features that set it apart. From its versatile performance pads to its comprehensive mixer section, each attribute contributes to the Pioneer DDJ 800’s status as a standout piece of DJ equipment.

Performance Pads

If you’re an enthusiast in the art of DJing, the Pioneer DDJ 800 comes equipped with sizable, multi-hued performance pads that strike the perfect balance between responsiveness and sensitivity. As you touch these pads, you can feel the swift feedback that brings an unparalleled level of control to your fingertips. Their color coding facilitates easy identification and distinction, ensuring that you can activate the right pad even in the heat of a high-tempo set.

What really makes these pads remarkable is their incredible versatility. Whether you want to trigger samples, cue points, loops, or even spice up your set with some beat-juggling, the DDJ 800’s pads have got you covered. They allow you to manipulate your tracks and create unique remixes in real time, offering an immersive DJing experience that truly personifies creativity and innovation. This is an instrumental feature that will inspire both novice DJs and seasoned professionals alike.

pioneer ddj800 pads

Jog Wheels

The Pioneer DDJ 800’s jog wheels undoubtedly steal the show as one of its most remarkable features. Boasting a generous size that ensures smooth navigation and precision control, they offer a tactile experience that’s truly satisfying to any DJ. The low latency of these wheels ensures your scratching and track manipulation are instantly responsive, allowing you to keep the rhythm and flow of your mix uninterrupted.

Moreover, embedded in the heart of each jog wheel is a handy LCD screen, serving up vital information at a glance. Track position, BPM, and even playback time are displayed right where you need them, eliminating any unnecessary distractions during your performance.

For those aspiring to produce seamless mixes, the Pioneer DDJ 800 steps up with its Beat Sync feature. This handy tool aligns the beats of your tracks, allowing you to focus more on creativity and less on beat matching, thus enhancing your DJing experience to a whole new level.

pioneer ddj 800 jog wheel

Mixer Section and Effects

In the realm of DJ mixing, the Pioneer DDJ 800 emerges as a glowing beacon of excellence. At its core is a dedicated mixer section, complete with professional-grade features that empower you to blend and shape your music with deftness and finesse. Key highlights include:

  • A dedicated mixer section with professional features
  • Multiple Sound Color FX, and Beat FX with parameter control
  • Versatile connectivity options for various setups

Equipped with adjustable parameters, these effects allow you to inject a unique flavor into your mixes, painting them with sonic colors that resonate with your audience. What also sets the DDJ 800 further apart is its versatile connectivity. Its array of ports and connectors facilitates a wide range of setups, catering to your varying performance needs, whether in a home studio or a large venue.

Setting Up and Using the Pioneer DDJ-800

The ease of setup and use of the Pioneer DDJ 800 is a testament to its well-thought-out design. This seamless user experience, combined with its high-quality performance capabilities, truly sets it apart as a DJ controller that caters to both the technical and creative needs of the modern DJ.

Setup and Software Integration

Integrating the Pioneer DDJ 800 with DJ software is a remarkably smooth process. This controller is designed to work hand in hand with Rekordbox software, which comes included in the package. This built-in compatibility ensures flawless synchronization between the hardware and the software, facilitating a seamless performance experience. Whether you’re cueing up tracks, triggering samples, or manipulating effects, the DDJ 800 and Rekordbox DJ collaboration provides the perfect platform for a well-coordinated, fluid DJ performance.


The Pioneer DDJ 800 boasts an intuitive layout that reflects the thoughtful design principles Pioneer is known for. Every button, knob, and fader is strategically placed for optimal ease of use, enabling smooth transitions and effortless manipulation during performances. Additionally, clear labels demarcate each function, eliminating any guesswork and allowing DJs to focus solely on the music. This user-friendly design, along with the controller’s high-performance capabilities, makes the DDJ 800 a truly accessible tool for DJs of well-skill levels.

pioneer ddj 800 pad mode

How Much Is DDJ-800?

Retailing at $969, the Pioneer DDJ 800 carries a premium price tag. However, when one evaluates the comprehensive feature set, exceptional build quality, and advanced performance capabilities it brings to the table, it becomes apparent that this DJ controller offers significant value for the investment. It’s a purchase that any serious DJ can view not merely as an expense but as a stepping stone to elevate their craft.

Pioneer DDJ-800 v.s. Alternatives

While the Pioneer DDJ 800 is an impressive controller, let’s compare it with three notable alternatives. This will allow us to assess how it stacks up against other industry leaders in terms of features, performance, and value for money. 

AlternativeMain Features
Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3Haptic Drive jog wheels
Pro Mixer Layout
Integration with Traktor Pro 3
Denon DJ MC7000Dual USB connections
Solid build quality
16 velocity-sensitive pads
Roland DJ-505Drum machine and sequencer
Large platters
Serato DJ Pro compatibility

Final Thoughts

The Pioneer DDJ 800 is a remarkable DJ controller that caters to a broad spectrum of DJing needs. It embodies Pioneer’s commitment to quality and performance, making it an excellent choice for seasoned DJ professionals. Despite a few alternatives, its blend of high-end features and usability make it a standout choice in the DJ tool market.


Is the Pioneer DDJ-800 Portable?

Yes, the Pioneer DDJ-800 is highly portable. Its compact design and manageable weight make it easy to transport for gigs or mobile DJing.

What Software Is Compatible With the Pioneer DDJ-800?

The Pioneer DDJ-800 is designed for seamless compatibility with Pioneer’s own Rekordbox DJ software.

Is the Pioneer DDJ-800 Suitable for Beginners?

No, the Pioneer DDJ-800 is more suited for advanced professionals. Its comprehensive features and professional-grade performance capabilities cater to experienced DJs looking for sophisticated control and versatility.

What Is the Price of the Pioneer DDJ-800?

The Pioneer DDJ-800 is priced at $969.

Is the Pioneer DDJ-800 Worth It?

Absolutely. While its price point is on the higher end, the Pioneer DDJ-800 offers robust features, superior build quality, and excellent performance that justify the investment, making it a worthy purchase for any serious DJ.


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