BPM Supreme Review — Who Is This Record Pool a Good Fit For?

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BPM Supreme stands out as a user-friendly, comprehensively stocked record pool specifically tailored to cater to DJs seeking a rich collection of chart-topping and open-format music. This platform might not be the ideal choice if your preference leans towards more underground tracks. However, it perfectly aligns with the requirements of mobile and wedding DJs, providing a plethora of options to amplify any celebratory occasion. Dive into our BPM Supreme review to unearth a treasure trove of insights and intricate details highlighting the unique offerings and benefits available to elevate your DJing experience.

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Pros & Cons of BPM Supreme


  • Massive selection of new releases and chart hits
  • Great source of exclusives like remixes and edits
  • Easy to navigate interface and search
  • Smooth platform and app experience
  • Unlimited downloads on both plan tiers
  • Covers a wide range of mainstream genres
  • simplifies legal music sourcing for DJs


  • Leans heavily towards mainstream, open-format music
  • Lacks depth in some underground electronic genres
  • No WAV or FLAC quality options
  • Can’t browse by record label

Overview of BPM Supreme Record Pool

For those unfamiliar, BPM Supreme is a download service and record pool that provides DJs instant access to new music from major and independent labels. The platform is home to a massive library containing top hits across many genres, including hip-hop, dance, pop, rock, Latin, and more.

BPM Supreme has licensing agreements with over 100 labels. This allows them to offer an extensive catalog of tracks that DJs often can’t find anywhere else. This includes exclusive edits, remixes, acapellas, instrumentals, and intro/outro edits. Their collection is constantly updated with the latest hits, chart toppers, and promo releases. Hundreds of new tracks are added daily across various genres.

Music Library & Selection 

BPM Supreme boasts an impressive and ever-expanding music catalog, with approximately 300,000 tracks available to users. Yet, it’s not merely the quantity that renders it an invaluable DJ resource.

In addition to its extensive collection, this record pool provides exclusive content, including remixes, edits, and mashups unavailable elsewhere, thanks to unique licensing agreements. This exclusive access to a diverse range of music versions in a single platform is incredibly advantageous for DJs striving to distinguish themselves by incorporating fresh and unique tracks into their sets, saving them considerable time.

In terms of curation, BPM Supreme has a multi-pronged approach:

  • Monitoring trends — Their systems analyze downloads, favorites, and other metrics to surface trending and popular tracks. This data informs playlists and charts.
  • Editorial oversight — Staff curators hand-pick tracks for key sections like New Releases and Top Downloads. Provides a human touch.
  • Customer requests — User requests and feedback help identify sought-after music and genres to expand. Ensures variety.
  • Label relationships — Direct partnerships with labels allow access to releases and promos right as they drop. Support new music discovery.

This combination of data, curation, user input, and industry relationships enables this record pool to deliver relevant tracks that DJs need. The focus is clearly on top hits and maintaining a rich selection of current music across both mainstream and niche genres. Underground genres are not really BPM Supreme’s specialty.

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Despite being an “open format” pool, BPM Supreme still provides granular organization by genres and subgenres. You can deep dive for tracks tailored to Latin, pop, hip-hop, house, and just about any genre.

Advanced filters allow refined searches by BPM range, release date, key, and other parameters depending on the genre. This level of filtering makes crafting customized tracklists seamless.


Curated playlists are an excellent source of music discovery and inspiration. BPM Supreme’s playlist section is separated into categories like Top Downloads, Popular Music, Open Format, and more.

These are a quick way for DJs to grab tracks for different themes and events. The playlists help remove the pressure of filtering through BPM Supreme’s massive catalog.

Key Features for DJs of BPM Supreme

BPM Supreme has meticulously curated a suite of features designed to meet the unique needs of DJs, ensuring they have all the necessary tools at their fingertips to elevate their performances. These key features not only streamline the music discovery process but also empower DJs to deliver memorable, crowd-pleasing sets that set them apart from the competition.

Exclusive Remixes and Edits

BPM Supreme sets itself apart by offering exclusive remixes, edits, and mashups unavailable on any other platform. These tracks are the brainchild of the record pool’s dedicated in-house team of seasoned producers, each bringing their unique flair and expertise to the table. With this arsenal of distinctive tracks at their disposal, DJs are equipped to craft performances that captivate audiences with their novelty. 

Regular Updates

BPM Supreme prides itself on a constantly evolving music catalog that is meticulously updated daily. This rigorous updating process guarantees that DJs have immediate access to the freshest tracks as soon as they hit the market. With this feature, DJs are always at the forefront of the latest music trends, enabling them to incorporate contemporary hits into their sets. This enhances the relevancy of their performances and caters to the expectations of their audience, who often seek to hear the newest sounds. By prioritizing the inclusion of the latest tracks, this record pool empowers DJs to deliver performances that are both innovative and in tune with the current musical landscape.

Easy-to-Use Interface

In addition to the desktop website, BPM Supreme offers iOS and Android apps so DJs can access the platform and key features on mobile devices. Advanced filters simplified finding tracks by tempo, genre, key, and other attributes. Previewing and downloading tracks were seamless.

Most importantly, the mobile app enables the creation of crates and playlists on the go. This allows DJs to scout new music anywhere and then download tracks back at home base in the studio. Everything syncs automatically between the desktop platform and the BPM Supreme app. Your profile, favorites, crates, and everything else stay current across all devices. Power users will appreciate additional app features like offline listening, notifications for new releases and trends, and sharing tracks via text and email.

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BPM Supreme Pricing & Plans

Let’s delve into the nuances of the pricing and offerings encompassed within the Standard and Premium plans of BPM Supreme’s record pool, as delineated on their official website.

Plan TypeOpen FormatLatinoOpen Format + Latino
Standard Download$22.99/mo$22.99/mo$45.98/mo
Premium Download$34.49/mo$34.99/mo$68.98/mo

Keep in mind that prospective members are required to complete a questionnaire before they can subscribe. It’s important to highlight that their membership subscription is set to auto-renew every month on the date of their initial sign-up. For instance, if you sign up on March 15th, the next billing date would be April 15th.

Members have the flexibility to cancel their subscription at any time, as there are no contracts or commitments involved. However, initiating the cancellation process at least 72 hours before the upcoming payment date is crucial to avoid being charged for the next month. In cases where the account is charged, BPM Supreme does not provide refunds, but rest assured, members will have full access to their account for the duration of the month that has been paid for.

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Final Verdict – Is BPM Supreme Worth It?

So, who is BPM Supreme a good fit for? The answer is mainstream and open-format DJs who want a reliable source for charting music across hip-hop, dance, pop, Latin, and other popular genres. The platform makes accessing new releases and sets simple and affordable.

Mobile DJs, in particular, will benefit from being able to take this record pool on the go for finding music for events and weddings. BPM Supreme should be part of your musical arsenal if you play open-format sets.

Underground DJs focused exclusively on house, techno, drum & bass, etc. may find BPM Supreme’s catalog too heavily mainstream leaning. Niche electronic genres simply aren’t the focus here.


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