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DJcity stands out as a music subscription service tailored to the needs of professional DJs, delivering the freshest club and radio tracks in high-quality 320kbps MP3. Exclusively spotlighting the newest beats, a six-month subscription runs at $150, offering unlimited downloads. Each MP3 is equipped with comprehensive metadata detailing artist, track title, and BPM, coupled with preset cue points and beatgrids, primed to integrate seamlessly with your preferred DJ software.

This DJcity review dives deep into the abundant music selection and features available to you once you sign up, solidifying its status as a must-have record pool for professionals needing the latest chart-toppers and club bangers to elevate their gigs.


Pros & Cons of DJcity for DJs


  • Huge catalog of mainstream music across 100+ genres
  • Constant new releases and charting songs added  
  • Exclusive tracks and remixes
  • Intuitive website and app interfaces
  • Powerful search filters and discovery features
  • Playlists curated by well-known DJs
  • No download limits beyond 3x per song version
  • Average cost compared to competitors
  • Simplified downloading and performance


  • Heavily focused on Top 40 and open-format music 
  • Not ideal for niche or underground DJs
  • Support may be slow to respond at times
  • Some users report tech issues with downloads
  • Can’t search the entire catalog by BPM or key
  • No free trial offered (only discounted first month)

Overview of DJcity Record Pool

Back in 2005, DJcity popped up on the scene, offering DJs the hottest hip-hop, house, and pop beats with a digital subscription. Straight out of Los Angeles, DJcity’s a music stash covering over 100 genres, from the top hits to the underground vibes.

Instead of messing around with sketchy tracks, DJcity teams up directly with big names like Universal Music Group, Sony Music, and Warner Music Group. Subscribers get a sweet deal on legit tracks from the big leagues and indie scenes. Dive into our DJcity review and see what makes it a go-to for today’s DJ record pool.

Music Library & Selection on DJcity

With over 100 genres, DJcity provides an extensive music catalog to fit diverse DJ sets and audiences. Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find:

Most Popular GenresMusic Catalog Size
100+ genres 
50,000+ tracks added annually  
500,000+ tracks total

Exclusive Tracks & Remixes

One major perk of DJcity is the exclusive tracks and remixes you won’t find on any other record pool. These are created by top remixers and DJs like DJ Scheme, DJ Suede, and Static Revenger. 

Exclusives span genres like hip-hop, house, Latin, reggaeton, and more. This gives DJcity members access to hot mixes no one else has.

Music Downloading Limits

DJcity places no general limits on music downloads. You can download each song version (radio edit, clean edit, acapella, etc.) up to 3 times. This allows flexibility to grab multiple file formats as needed.

DJcity offers an extensive mainstream library with regular new additions and exclusives. The catalog skews heavily towards open-format DJs focused on Top 40 and crowd-pleasers. Underground or niche DJs may find more options elsewhere.

Key Features for DJs

Beyond just offering an extensive music selection, DJcity equips DJs with invaluable tools and resources. These features are designed to enhance mixing skills and streamline the DJing experience. From beat-matching assistance to custom edits, DJcity is more than just a music repository—it’s a complete extension of your DJ toolbox.

Search and Filter

With DJcity’s record pool at your fingertips, discovering new tracks becomes a breeze. Their search bar is optimized with filters, allowing users to refine by genre, artist, BPM, and keywords, among other criteria. Plus, once your results populate, you can sort tunes by release date, popularity, or even alphabetically, tailoring your music quest to your exact preferences.


Playlists and Charts 

Discover new music with monthly playlists curated by influential DJs. You can also reference DJcity’s own popularity charts covering global, Latin, UK, German, and Asian top songs.

Preview Player

Using DJcity’s intuitive preview player, you can test tracks from the record pool before downloading, ensuring you get exactly what you want. Take advantage of features like looping specific sections, visualizing tracks with clear waveforms, and the ability to build queues for a smoother workflow. All these tools are available to help you curate the perfect setlist.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

DJcity isn’t just limited to your computer; it provides desktop and mobile apps so you can download tracks and playlists wherever you are. This interconnectedness ensures a smooth workflow, allowing you to switch seamlessly between devices without losing your music or playlists. It’s an ideal solution for the DJ on the move, ensuring you have your beats at your fingertips, ready to drop at a moment’s notice.

Downloading Tracks & Performance

Fast track downloads combined with the record pool’s seamless site performance make music discovery and library building a breeze on DJcity. Users can easily navigate through the vast array of tracks to find exactly what they need. It’s no wonder DJcity earns top marks for usability, ensuring DJs can spend less time searching and more time mixing.


DJcity Pricing & Plans

DJcity offers monthly and yearly subscription options:

1-Month Plan6-Month Plan 
$29.99 per month$149.99 per year 
Cancel anytimeThe best value with $30 in savings

Whether you go for the one-month or six-month deal, you get the keys to DJcity’s massive tune treasure trove and all its cool features. First-timers get a sweet deal — the initial month comes at a discounted rate of $10, and then it’s the regular price of your chosen plan after that. It’s a no-brainer way to check out what the record pool’s got to offer without dropping too much coin.

Final Verdict – Is DJcity Worth It?

For most open format, mainstream DJs playing Top 40 hits, the answer is yes. DJcity provides a huge on-demand music library with new releases and exclusives. The interface allows seamless searching, discovery, and downloading.

The cost proves reasonable compared to competitor pools. While not perfect, DJcity satisfies most customers’ needs and offers one of the largest catalogs on the market today.


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